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Career With Us

Prisons, by their nature, are not the most pleasant of working places. Our operations are 24/7, shifts are long, conditions can be harsh, and the work difficult. Be as it may, prison officers and staff know that their labour contributes directly to a safer society, and are sustained by what is inherently meaningful work.Our unique mission, coupled with a culture of operational excellence and continuous innovation, makes us a choice employer.

Why choose us as your Choice Employer?

As a Captain of Lives (COL) , you become part of a highly trained and motivated team, which plays a pivotal role in steering and helping offenders re-integrate into society. As we value our staff, we provide a host of welfare benefits and activities, so officers and their families can easily relax and have fun too.

Our Employee Value Proposition

  • Be a leader in contributing to a safe and secure Singapore

    As officers in Singapore Prison Service (SPS), we are COL to offenders under our custody. We are committed in maintaining a high level of security through instilling discipline to facilitate the rehabilitation of the inmates.

  • Experience both professional and personal growth

    As a staff of SPS, you will enjoy ample opportunities for training and upgrading that will allow you to grow and develop as an individual of a highly trained and motivated team.

  • Maximise your potential as a Captain of Lives

    As a COL, you can look forward to a fulfilling and diverse range of career opportunities, as well as extensive opportunities to advance your career in operations work or specialist functions.
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